April 2, 2007

  • Cultural Blender: Marilyn Monroe: Sex Goddess


    This last Sunday, April the 1st, I created The Marilyn Monroe Page which has been added to the "Iconography Section" of the Cultural Blender. Recent pages have celebrated the lives, careers, and pop cultural influence of Shirley Temple, John Wayne, and Elvis Presley. All the pages now have their own comments sections, and supply a carefully compiled section of links, plus some of the best of the photos I could find on the internet, and also feature film and video clips courtesy of YouTube. I've added another minute or two of animated footage to the "Cultural Blender" MikeVideo internet movie, and I also created some composite images of Marilyn, which I am including in this blog article. Marilyn Monroe would have been 81 years old if she had lived. But then, her influence has never died. I hope you have as much enjoyment looking at these images as I had in searching, compiling, and constructing them. On the Marilyn Monroe page are some more photos, a YouTube photo montage tribute (not the one I'm going to do, but one with a lot of great photos, and clip from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", and I wrote all the content on Sunday. So far, only the Elvis site doesn't have my own article, since I started the Marilyn page before completing the Elvis page.   As usual, if you click on the image, the larger one appears in another browser window.







    One of the reasons I did so much this weekend is because I was pretty much in shock after what happened to me on Friday afternoon upon returning home from work. On the door of my rented house, in which I have lived for almost 13 years, was a "60 Day or Quit" notice, giving my cancer ridden roommate and I two months to find a new place to live. The new owner wants to renovate our house so much that he's evicting us in order to do this. He lied to me two months ago, when in the midst of adding the new bathroom, I asked him point blank if I had to worry about him evicting us. He told me not to worry, and I didn't. Silly me. I immediately called the management company, and Cindy told me they quarrelled with the owner for a day about letting us stay at least another year (when I turn 55 and can buy a mobile home in a senior park, which has been my plan). If forced to move, I have to find a rental in the overcrowded and over priced L.A. market, and I will probably need someone to share the rent anywhere. I really don't want to live with Joel when I do move. The owner was supposed to be around the property over the weekend, but he didn't show. I go in to pay the rent tomorrow and I'll ask for a current listing from the management agency. They have offered to rent me another place in the past when we first had troubles with the renovation. (Like when it rained in the living room because they didn't finish the roof before a storm.) I'm still in shock, however. I've been evicted once before, a long time ago. At work, people assure me this is probably a good omen disguised as bad luck. Time will tell. Two months to be exact. What a thing to happen on the weekend of April Fool's eh?  EDIT: 7:30pm pdt. Re: some of the comments so far. When you sign a rental agreement without a lease, there is verbiage allowing either the tenant or the landlord to terminate occupancy within a 30 day time frame. Nobody I know has ever had this happen without provocation, that could be proven on Judge Judy, for example. Joel is able to fend for himself if need be. He's the one who announced to me when this new owner started talking about building the bathroom in the first place that he was going to move as soon as it happened. (Then he admitted he was talking out of his a**, as it were.) We will probably have to share. I haven't seen this month's "price list" of rentals yet. Cancerboy has lots of family even though his parents are dead. His brother is a policeman in Orange County. He talks to aunts and cousins all the time and makes regular visits.

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  • Does your roommate have family?  It seems time for you to move on with your life and him to find care that will fit is situation.  I don't mean that to sound un-caring.

  • also - I love Marilyn so this is awesome!

  • what will joel do?
    That is totally horrible.
    I wish I had something smart to say, but I don't.
    Good luck!!

  • What a horrible thing!  It didn't sound like the guy evicted other people when he remodeled, did he?  And - can he do that, as long as the rent is paid? 

    Good luck with this difficult situation.

  • You've done a bang-up job on your sites Michael. I've always worshiped Marilyn, especially. It seems you have more pictures of her on here than on your "Blender" page... or at least some different ones. Sorry to hear about the eviction business.

  • Minor correction: Marilyn would have been 81 this year, not 101. (June 1, 1926)
    Even to women, she is beautiful and intriguing.

    It wasn't very nice of the landlord to spring an eviction on you like that. Especially after saying not to worry. (You could have had more time to check out your options.) If there's nothing to be done about it, you might as well see it as a cloud with a silver lining. Fretting and stewing will only leave you feeling bad and you may miss whatever will make it positive in the end. I hope it shows up quickly for you.

  • Marilyn was amazing.


    You have my prayers, my friend, as you go through the process of finding a new residence.

    BE blessed,
    Steve :sunny:

  • Hope things go smoothly.  I've moved 15 times in 25 years and I know what a pain it is.  Nice Marilyn stuff!!!

  • Indeed sounds like a bad happening Mike. Hope you get everything sorted out...keep us up to date.

  • Yikes about the eviction notice. Nothing like packing up your life and finding somewhere to live all of a sudden. We rent the house I had before I married and we've only ever evicted one person, and that was for breaking an unreasonable amount of the house. Your landlord sucks. I hope you can find something suitable quickly.

  • :( such a hard situation for you.  praying for you and your roommate, that the best solution comes very soon.

  • RYC ~

    Thanks for dropping by, I know how it goes on time. So much going on this time of the year... it is a struggle to keep my site updated.

    I'm not a fan of Selena, but I can't help notice her, having spent many years living near Lake Jackson (her hometown).

    Ruby Ridge... check it out... Most people don't realize that ALL charges against Weaver were DROPPED and he was eventually awarded a multi-million dollar settlement for the MURDER of his wife and child by federal agents.

    Waco... sad but true, hardly a day goes by when I don't see or hear of it being referenced in yet another sitcom or drama show. It's not always jokes, either.. And many of the references are actually poking at the gov't, telling the truth of what happened. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry the day I realized it had become "pop culture." I still don't, really...

  • I'm so sorry about the housing situation. Yeah, leaseless renting is tenuous. My boy and I did that once in a little Italian neighborhood and have some interesting enough stories to tell about our time there. I pray you find something suitable for you. Why oh why they couldn't wait another year.... I love Marilyn from her younger days. The less makeup, the better. That vapid look in one of the lower pictures of her really bothers me, when they try to dress up her natural beauty with sluttiness and rouge. She's a true icon, and I love her for her pretty smile, when it's a real one. Looking at these pictures, she had really killer eyebrows, too

  • I commented as Philsony at your Marilyn blog.
    RYC: The larger cathoid (picture tube) televisions use a lot of energy and burn out parts, but are bright enough to outshine projection screen televisions. My neighbor is on the second time fixing a projection (sony) television hopefully this time the fix will last.... I didn't ask my neighbor about Toshiba, so I can't say if you should get it repaired.

    Maybe your options include renting a storage warehouse space until you find a suitable permanent living space? I don't think you are the hostel type but temporary living situations need flexibility that is not easy to do.

  • I prefer Lee Remick, but Marilyn has her good qualities :)

  • Hi Michael!  Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site.  I definitely do love to look at other people's blogs, and all I can say about yours right now is, wow.  I can't wait to dig deeper, when I have time (and access to high-speed 'net!). 

    In the meantime, thanks for rubbing in the fact that it's so much warmer in LA than it is in Wisconsin.  Only "rich" people have convertibles up here, because it has to be your second or third car -- the one you only drive in the summer! 

    Seriously, I hope your living situation issues are resolved soon.

    Take care!

  • Mike, I have to admit that if I were just given an eviction notice, creating a Marilyn page wouldn't spring right to mind for me!  Hope you get the housing mess straightened out.  Owning is better, but not without its own problems.

  • What a dreaded bummer! That's just incredible and incredibly bad timing. Yes, quite ironic to happen over April Fools and a shame it couldn't wait another year.

    And to follow those incredible images. You are very talented graphically. I so enjoy all the imagery.

  • Marilyn was a beauty. She lived such a tragic life. King of Fools quite a combo shit kicking music, Marilyn and evictions. Must be a time for people to move. I am moving too. How was your Easter? Judi

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